Wednesday Addams Costume

wednesday addamsThe young daughter of Gomez and Morticia, she closely resembles the appearance of her mother when Morticia was the same age. She has pale skin, although not as pale as her mother and long black hair which she always wears in braids.

Sullen, apathetic and having a twisted sense of humor, Wednesday has a fascination with death and the macabre, which she fuels by practicing torture techniques on her brother Pugsley.

She and her brother Pugsley are playmates, since they have scared off any potential playmates, and her favorite pastime is doing anything that will make him scream. Her other hobby is raising pet spiders, black widows in particular.

wednesday addams costumeWednesday Addams Costume

The “Wednesday Addams Family” costume manufactured by Rubie’s Costumes, and comes with a polyester black dress with white collar and cuffs and black belt, just like what Wednesday wore in the New Addams Family TV series. Its available in both child and teen sizes. Don’t forget a Wednesday Addams black braided wig!

The Wednesday Addams costume set and other Addams Family costumes are usually available at your local Halloween store during the Halloween season.

To complete the costume just add a set of black tights, black Mary Jane shoes and a long black braided wig.

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Wednesday Addams Makeupwednesday addams make up

Wednesday’s complexion is in between the pale skin of her mother and the darker features of her father. If you already have a pale complexion you won’t need any face makeup, otherwise use pale make-up on the face and neck to lighten slightly. Wednesday has rose colored lips so you’ll want to add a blush or rose-red lipstick, but not as bright a red as her mother wears.

Wednesday has very sinister eyes, so you will want to use an eyebrow pencil to shape and darken the eyebrows slightly to give a sardonic look. Lastly, darken under the eyes a little, line eyes with black liner and smudge and put on a thin layer of mascara.

Wednesday Addams Accessories

Her favorite toy is her beheaded doll, which she calls Marie Antoinette. She carries her around often and when Morticia tucks her at night, she usually has her tucked in beside her. Strangely, the doll’s clothes look remarkably like what Wednesday wears.

Wednesday sometimes wears a coffin shaped backpack to school. We found this great black coffin purse at Amazon that has long straps allowing it to be worn as a backpack. It has a bat shaped design and measurements; 9-1/4″ x 13-1/2″ 3-1/2″. This would be great for the holding candy collected on Halloween night.