Wednesday Addams Costume

Wednesday Addams is an iconic character in pop culture. She’s the ultimate misanthrope, a girl who couldn’t care less about anyone or anything that doesn’t involve her directly. Her disdain for humanity and her preference to be left alone make it hard to relate, but there are some similarities we can all understand.

Wednesday Addams

Gomez and Morticia have a daughter, Wednesday whose appearance is similar to her mother when she was younger. Her face is pale, but not as pale as her mother’s, and she has long black hair that she wears in braids.

Get Wednesday Addams Halloween Costume

Wednesday’s desire to live a solitary life is something that we can all relate with as humans who are inherently social creatures but may feel like outsiders at times. Humans have this need for connection – some people want more than others or need it in different ways, but everyone craves connection to some degree.

Wednesday has an extreme fondness for her pet raven and usually keeps him in a birdcage, but after his untimely death she made arrangements to have him stuffed so that he would be more comfortable. The only time Wednesday seems genuinely happy or excited is when both of these things happen at the same time!

Wednesday is sullen, apathetic, and has a sick sense of humor. She is fascinated with death and the macabre, which she feeds by torturing her brother Pugsley. She and her brother Pugsley are playmates because they have frightened off all future playmates, and her favorite pastime is something that makes him cry. Her other passion is caring for pet spiders, especially black widows.

If it takes all day and night… (Look out!) That’s what I’ll do-o! – Wednesday Addams in The New Addams Family TV series episode “Wednesday is for Heroes”.

Wednesday Addams

The Rubie’s Costumes “Wednesday Addams Family” outfit includes a polyester black dress with white collar and cuffs and a black belt, much as Wednesday wears in the New Addams Family TV series. It comes in both kid and teen sizes. Don’t miss a black braided wig in the style of Wednesday Addams!

During the Halloween season, the Wednesday Addams costume kit and other Addams Family costumes are normally available at the nearest Halloween shop.

Simply add a pair of black tights, black Mary Jane heels, and a long black braided wig to complete the look.

How to Make Wednesday Addams Costume

The first thing you need when creating a perfect Halloween costume or even just an outfit with some of your favorite spooky style pieces are shoes. You may want to wear black flats, wedges, pumps or heels depending on how old you are dressed as and where you’re headed. For something more comfortable but still updated we suggest these patent leather booties by Steve Madden.

The next thing you need is an outfit! The best place to find a black dress with some spooky details like this one at Forever 21 for only $33 . This sleeveless mini dress features lace panels on the neckline and sleeves as well as mesh trim around the bust. It has a cute ruffled hem that will make it perfect for waltzing or dancing all night long!

Last but not least are accessories – we’re talking jewelry of course. We love these gold statement earrings made by BaubleBar because in addition to being fun they also have several different iconic Halloween symbols incorporated into them such as spiders, bats, pumpkins, haunted houses and more! Wear your favorite necklace or bracelet with this dress for that extra touch of spookiness.

A black choker and some bone-shaped jewelry will add a little something to your look without taking away from the outfit you’ve just put together! You can also use these accessories as inspiration for what makeup you want to wear – would it be better if your eyes were smoky, pale pink lips? Or maybe bronzed skin is more up your alley!

Wednesday Addams Makeup

Wednesday’s skin tone is in between her mother’s pale skin and her father’s darker features. If you already have a pale skin, no face makeup is required; otherwise, use light make-up on the face and neck to lighten slightly. Wednesday has rose-colored hair, so apply a mascara or rose-red lipstick, but not as vivid a red as her mother does.

Wednesday has rather creepy eyes, so use an eyebrow pencil to form and darken the brows subtly to offer a sardonic appearance. Finally, darken the undereye area somewhat, line the eyes with black liner and smudge it, and apply a thin coat of mascara.

Wednesday Addams Makeup

Wednesday Addams Makeup Level: Easy

Ingredients: Foundation, powder, rouge (or blush), lip color/lipstick.

  • Apply foundation and a light dusting of loose powder to the face and neck.
  • Use rouge or brush on with your fingers for an even lighter touch.
  • Wednesday has rosy lips so you can use either her lipstick shade or just add some red lip gloss as well as a rose-colored blush.

This look is very natural and easy to achieve in just minutes!

Tools needed: A small compact mirror; moisturizing cream; eyeliner pencils that match skin tone + mascara if desired; tweezers or wax strips for removing stray hairs above the lip line; concealer, blush and rouge if desired.

– Take a small compact mirror to use as you apply your makeup – Moisturize skin with cream then add foundation or powder for coverage. You can also skip the foundation and just finish with some loose powder to keep things simple.

– Draw on eyebrows using an eyebrow pencil that matches your natural hair color or brows in order to give them more definition – Start by lining upper eyelids with liner of choice before adding mascara (optional). Line lower lid after applying eye shadow/eye primer if desired. For extra drama, smudge it out a bit! Add false lashes too for added length and thickness. Fill in sparse areas within the brows with an eyebrow brush and powder, if desired – Finish with a neutral lipstick or gloss to enhance the natural lip color.

Bullet Points:

  • Moisturize skin before applying makeup
  • Apply foundation or just some loose powder for coverage on your face
  • Draw in eyebrows using pencils that match hair color (optional)
  • Line upper and lower eyelids with liner of choice, mascara optional but still recommended
  • Use eyeshadow/eye primer if not wearing mascara
  • Fill sparse areas within brows with powdery product such as waxes, powders etc.
  • Add false lashes for extra length & thickness to eye area
  • Finish off by applying lipstick or gloss which enhances natural lip color!
  • Create glowing skin with foundation, concealer and powder
  • Layer on the eyeliner for a cat eye effect or apply an eyeshadow in a similar tone as your lipstick to create smokier look.
  • Use bronzer where natural light would naturally hit the face
  • Apply blush to apples of cheeks & blend outwards

Highlight under cheekbones using matte white/cream highlighter. This can be applied over blusher or separately if desired! ; Add contour by applying brownish cream shadow below jawline; use darker shades of colour around hair line and ear area. Blend well for seamless finish.; Finish off any makeup looks with lip gloss and mascara (optional).

Wednesday Addams Accessories

Her favourite toy is a beheaded doll she refers to as Marie Antoinette. She wears her around a lot, and when Morticia tucks her in at night, she normally holds her next to her. Surprisingly, the doll’s clothing resemble those of Wednesday.

Wednesday sometimes wears a coffin-shaped bag to classes. We discovered this awesome black coffin purse on Amazon, which has long straps and can be used as a backpack. It is built in the form of a bat and measures 9-1/4′′ x 13-1/2′′ 3-1/2′′. This would be ideal for storing sweets gathered on Halloween night.