Uncle Fester Costume

Most commonly known as Uncle Fester, he is the older, unmarried brother of Gomez Addams. He is an outspoken, fun loving and often zany member of the Addams clan, although he often tends to be shy and introverted around strangers. Fester is an inventor of the unusual and loves to experiment. He has many unusual interests including a passion for explosives, fireworks and poisons of all types, and mentors the Addams children in the “unsafe” manufacture and use of them.

Fester is almost always seen wearing a plain, dark colored robe with a large, oversized fur-like collar. The “Fester Addams Family” costume manufactured by Rubie’s Costumes, includes a latex fester mask (which isn’t that good looking), a black hooded robe and a belt cord to hold the robe around the waist, similar to the one worn in the New Addams Family TV series.

Uncle Fester Makeup

Fester has a ghoulish complexion and is completely bald. For a much more realistic appearance, we chose not to use the mask that is included with the costume set, but makeup instead.

The first step is to use a latex bald skull cap to make yourself bald. Latex skull caps are one of those things that either look good or very bad. If you decide to use one, do it right! FX Warehouse sells a quality complete bald cap kit that includes detailed instructions for applying it. You should be aware that you will need someone to apply it for you, as it is almost impossible to properly put on a bald cap and the makeup yourself.

Fester’s skin color varied from episode to episode from a very light gray-green to an almost dark gray-blue. For the makeup we choose to use a very light gray grease paint by mixing a dab of black to white grease paint and cover all exposed skin on the head, neck and hands. Lightly darken the eye sockets with a very small amount of black, brown and red mixed grease paint on the tip of your finger. Circles under the eyes are never really black but a combination of brownish red with a black cast to it. We suggest that you keep small containers of the gray grease paint with you Halloween night for touch-ups. You can purchase little travel sized empty jars in most places that sell travel sized products. They are perfect for this use.

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Uncle Fester Accessories

By some unknown process, Fester has the unique ability to conduct and actually generate electricity. One of his favorite tricks is to place a light bulb in his mouth and cause it to light up. This effect is easy to duplicate by using a prop called the “Magic Light Bulb”. It looks like a regular light bulb, but you are able to make it light up through a hidden mechanism. You can find trick light bulbs like this one at novelty and magic stores.

One of his favorite means of relaxation is to sit in his electric chair for a fast recharge. A great display for your front porch or in the house at a Halloween party is for Uncle Fester to be sitting in a prop electric chair!