Morticia Addams Costume

Morticia is an elegant, beautiful woman with pale skin and a gothic appearance. Like her mother Eudora, she is a witch. She wears a skin-tight, low cut black gown with octopus-like tendrils that circle the bottom. Her dress is so tight that it makes her walk in tiny little steps, giving her a sexy but tortured walk.

She is also the devoted wife of Gomez Addams. She enjoys any sort of activity with him, including fencing, chess playing and dancing, usually the tango or a waltz. They can usually be found playing games in the back yard cemetery late at night or getting a moon tan together.

Some of her favorite hobbies include painting, sculpting and horticulture. She particularly likes raising roses so she can cut off the buds and keep only the thorny stems. She has raised a large carnivorous plant named Cleopatra, which she takes pleasure in feeding raw meat.

When Morticia is under stress or in deep thought, she sometimes smokes, but not cigarettes. Smoke, somehow, mysteriously emanates from her body. Her favorite color is, of course, black.

This year, why not be Morticia, seductive wife of Gomez Addams. The “Morticia Addams Family” costume manufactured by Rubies’ Costumes, comes with a long black polyester dress with long spider tulle sleeves and hanging spider tulling, similar to the one Morticia wears in the New Addams Family TV series. Just add a long black wig to finish it off.

Morticia Addams Makeup

Morticia’s skin tone varied between episodes from a pale white to an ashen gray. We’d choose to use a pale white on face, neck and hands. Her lips are a bright blood red color. For her eyes use a smoky black on the lids, heavy black eye liner and lots of mascara. She wears the same bright blood red nail polish on her long, claw like finger nails. You can buy precolored, claw like glue on nails during Halloween season or have a set of acrylics put on for the occasion.

Morticia Addams Accessories

Signature chair – Morticia is often seen sitting in a rattan peacock chair, like a queen of the family on her dilapidated throne. If you can find one, this makes a great presentation for Halloween if you are throwing an Addams family themed party. Rattan peacock chairs are still made, but can be difficult to locate and because of there size are usually not shippable. Try a local import store.

She also wears a thin necklace around her willow-like throat that has red beads on it. You can use any type of necklace that you like, even a bat medallion, skull or some other Gothy looking necklace.