Lurch The Butler Costume

He’s the extremely devoted family butler and is also considered to be one of the family. Like the Frankenstein monster, it is believed that Lurch was created out of spare body parts, which his somewhat gruesome appearance supports. He is very tall and lumbering, yet somehow arrives at his destination promptly.

When a family member summons him via an ever-present bell pull (in the form of a hangman’s noose), Lurch appears immediately and answers in a deep, resounding voice, “You rang?

Lurch is also known for playing the harpsichord or pipe organ to entertain the family. His best friend and ever present pal is Thing, the disembodied hand.

While there’s no actual “Lurch” costume, and never has been to our knowledge, the “Ghost in the Attic Groom” costume works well. This costume comes with an elegant ensemble of tuxedo jacket, pants, top hat, shirt, vest, and bow tie. You won’t need the top hat and gloves, Lurch never wears them. The “Ghost in the Attic Groom” and other suitable Lurch style costumes can be found at your local Halloween costume store.

Lurch Makeup

For the makeup use a very light gray grease paint by mixing a dab of black to white grease paint and cover all exposed skin on the head, neck and hands. Lightly darken the eye sockets with a very small amount of black makeup on the tip of your finger, use this on the lips as well. We suggest that you keep a small container of the gray grease paint with you Halloween night for touch-ups. Use styling gel and comb the hair down over the forehead for that classic “Lurch” look.

You’ll want someone very tall to play the role of Lurch. Hopefully you’ll know someone that fits the bill! By adding the characters that fill out the main family, you’ll really make an impact at any Halloween party or club that you go to for the night. Most people do the main family, Gomez, Morticia and Wednesday, leaving out the other important members of the family. By adding a Lurch, Fester, Grandmama and Pugsley you’ll have the complete Addams Family. We can bet that you’ll have the most fun of any group that night and make memories for years to come!

If you are having an Addams Family themed party at your own home, remember that Lurch plays the Harpsichord for the family’s enjoyment. You can rig up a fake and have some harpsichord music playing through a sound system for an added realistic Lurch look. Place it in a corner, add tons of fake pull apart cobwebs all over it. Add a candelabra on top, maybe some worn looking sheets of music like “Danse Macabre” or a funeral march.