Grandmama Addams Costume

Eudora “Grandmama” Addams

Eudora is a full time witch and is licensed through the Department of Witchcraft. She is also Gomez and Fester’s mother. Whilt her spells, potions and hexes don’t always work out very well, she does try her best. She loves her family very much and tries to help them out with advise and sorcery at every opportunity.

You’ll have to put this costume together yourself since there has never been, to our knowledge, a Grandmama Addams costume ever made. We have found a costume, below, that works well for a basic look, using the dress only and adding to it to complete the costume look. You’ll also need to do a makeup and fix your hair or use a wig to get the complete Grandmama Addams look down just right!

The “Classic Witch Costume” shown to the right works quite well. You’ll just need to add some items to it to change the look a bit.

The “Classic Witch” costume set includes a black pointy witch hat, a cape and a form-fitting, button up top with a long skirt. All you really need is the costume, itself. Grandmama does not wear a witches hat so just save that for some other time. You won’t need the cape either because Grandmama wears a shawl.

Grandmama Addams is well known for wearing a shawl, so you will definitely want to add either a black, gray or dark purple colored one to your Halloween costume set. Make sure that it is old, worn in places and generally looks like it’s been around for a long time. An assortment of large, gaudy necklaces will finish off the ensemble. Local thrift stores are a great place to find old shawls and cheap costume jewelry. You might want to check out a local Halloween store for a bat, pentagram and other Goth type necklaces.

Grandmama Addams Makeup

This is an old woman so you want to add makeup but make her look somewhat plain. Use a pale gray-flesh mix on face and neck, dark purple-red lip color, heavy black eye liner, a brownish eye shadow for an old, tired look and a bit of mascara.

Grandmama Addams is quite old, so you may want to draw on some “wrinkles” using a gray or black eye liner pencil and blend them in a bit.

Just make a big smile and draw into every crease that your face makes then blend in with a cosmetic sponge. Grandmama Addams has long black finger nails so you’ll want to put some fake ones on the the night. Just use a press on type if you don’t want to have a set of acrylics put on.

Eudora’s hair is always very wild and frizzy looking, so if you don’t already have long hair, you’ll need to buy a long wig. The “Black and White Vampire” wig, to the right, is a typical Halloween wig available at Halloween stores and works well for Grandmama Addams hair. It does have a bit too much white in it but that’s okay. You will want to curl the wig using small sponge rollers. Just spray it with water and set it just like you would with real hair. When it’s dry, remove the rollers then carefully frizz it out with a hair pick and play with it until you get the desired look. Lastly, you will want to spray it with enough hair spray to hold it in place for Halloween night. This will also make it look stiff, old and damaged like her hair.

Grandmama Addams Accessories

A large witches cauldron is the perfect accoutrement for her. Plastic ones can be bought in mass retailers and Halloween shops during the Halloween season. Or, if at a Halloween party she’s the best person to serve the punch from a spooky Halloween punch bowl. A witches broom and a deck of fortune telling cards, such as the “Gypsy Witch” cards add a nice touch.

Grandmama usually does all the cooking for the family so if you have an Addams themed party at your house, you can put her in charge of the food table and have her serve the treats. Include jars of fake body parts, organs and guts around the table for that extra “Addams Family” touch!