Gomez Addams Costume

You want to play the part, you need to know some info about Gomez Addams. make sure that you pay plenty of attention to your Morticia, as described below!

The charming, generous and wealthy head of the Addams household. Gomez is of Castilian decent and loves a good cigar. Fester Addams is his older brother and they have always been very close, even being sent to a summer camp for juvenile offenders together as kids. Despite his macabre sense of humor, he is actually just a big kid who enjoys playing with big toys, his favorite being his model train set, which he regularly derails and blows up.

Gomez is passionately in love with his wife Morticia and has an assortment of romantic nick-names for her including Cara Mia (Spanish: “My beloved one”), Tish (Shortened version of Morticia), Querida (Spanish: mistress or “The woman I desire”). Upon hearing a single word from her in French he will begin kissing Morticia, starting at her wrist and working his way up her arm to her shoulder.

The “Gomez Addams Family” costume manufactured by Rubie’s Costumes, includes a polyester black and purple jacket, matching pants, a red insert for the shirt with an attached bow tie, and is very similar to the one that Gomez wore in the New Addams Family TV series.

Gomez Addams Makeup

You can leave the face its color natural. Darken under the eyes just enough to look like he went without a good nights sleep. Gomez’s hair is black so you’ll need to use a temporary hair color for the night. Use styling gel and comb back the hair. If your hair is long, you’ll want to go with a short black wig and slick the hair back.

In the New Addams Family TV show, Gomez sports a moustache that is medium in size . If you don’t want to grow your own, Amazon carries a selection of costume moustaches that can be easily trimmed into a Gomez type moustache. Trim as close to the picture above as possible. It should start under the nose and go to the lip but you want theh air short, not long. You don’t want to end up with a Groucho Marx look instead of Gomez!

Gomez Addams Accessories

The quintessential Gomez is seldom seen without a smoking cigar in his hand or in his mouth. If you don’t smoke real cigars, you can always buy a fake one at most novelty shops or online costume stores. These fake cigars look quite realistic and some actually give out a small puff of fake smoke when blown through.

Gomez has a soft spot for Thing, the disembodied hand that runs around the Addams house, usually helping out with something. Thing is often seen perched on his Gomez’s shoulder. You can pick up a hand at any costume or online Halloween store and attach it to the shoulder of the costume. If the hand has a bloody wrist, you’ll want to use flesh colored craft paint to paint over it since Thing does not have blood on him anywhere.