Cousin Itt Costume

Cousin Itt is the hairy, odd and enigmatic cousin of Gomez and Fester Addams. He looks like three foot tall mass of long, straight hair from head to toes. His hair color in the New Addams Family is a shade of dark honey-blonde. He always wears a pair of dark sunglasses, a derby hat and gloves.

Cousin Itt has been know to speak, although it’s a high-pitched gibberish which is only understood by the Addams family members. Like Uncle Fester, Cousin Itt is a confirmed bachelor, he loves to party and is known to be quite the ladies man.

You’ll need someone relatively short to play the role of Cousin Itt since he’s about three foot tall. We recommend this as a Halloween costume for a child or short adult. Kids get a kick out of being Cousin Itt since no one can see who they are, allowing them to cut loose and act as silly as they want to for the night.

Unfortunately, no one makes a full length Cousin Itt costume. The only one you will find for sale as a Halloween costume has fake hair that is only about twenty inches long. This costume, includes a black bowler style hat that the hair is attached to. The sunglasses and gloves are not included with the costume. If you choose this costume, just add black clothing, gloves and sunglasses to complete the look.

Caution – This costume can be difficult to see through because of the veil of hair, so caution should be used when walking. Anyone wearing this costume should have someone with them at all times!

Cousin Itt Accessories

Since it can be difficult to see through all that hair, we suggest that you carefully tape or glue the fake hair that would be in front of your eye to the edges of the sunglasses, allowing your to see through the sunglasses. You might also be able to trim some hair away for the eyes to create small eye holes, which will be covered by the sunglasses. We also suggest using larger sunglasses than those shown in the costume picture (on the main page) to give you a wider field of vision.

For making your own Cousin Itt costume we suggest sewing together a net sack that would fit the body. Cut holes for the hands to go through. You’d need to buy a large amount of straight hair extension panels and hot glue them in layers around the net sack. This could be very costly unless you know someone in the hair styling business that might be able to order the amount of hair extension panels that you would need.

Another alternative would be to check at a store that sells material and look for a light weight fake fur material with long hair. You could then sew it into a large sack to go over the body, cut slits for your hands and holes for the eyes, which would be covered by the sunglasses. While you’ll never find a fake fur that looks like real human or animal hair that would be a true Cousin Itt, you could come up with a pretty good look none the less. When put together with the other costumes, it would be more than obvious who you are supposed to be.

You would also need to add the hat and sunglasses and black glove for your hands. While it’s probably more cost effective to buy the costume if you can find it, making one of your own is still an alternative.