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Addams Family Costumes
Introduction to the Addams Family Costume website.

Gomez Costume
Patriarch of the Addams Family household.

Morticia Costume

Matriarch of the Addams Family household.

Wednesday Costume

Daughter of Gomez and Morticia Addams.

Pugsley Costume
Son of Gomez and Morticia Addams.

Uncle Fester Costume
Older brother of Gomez Addams.

Grand Mama Costume
Mother of Morticia Addams.

Lurch Costume
The Addams Family faithful butler.

Cousin It Costume
Cousin to Gomez and Fester Addams.

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Pugsley Addams CostumePugsley Addams

Younger brother of Wednesday Addams,
Pugsley is perhaps the most normal appearing of the Addams family, in spite of his masochistic tendencies.

His high pitched scream is a staple of the New Addams Family show. The first word Pugsley ever said happened while he was in his cradle, just before Wednesday opened the staircase trap door under him. That word was "Help!"

Uncle Fester is his mentor and he is following in his foot steps as inventor, demolition expert and pyromaniac. One of Pugsley's favorite hobbies is to steal road signs, particularly stop signs, which has caused endless traffic collisions much to the family's amusement.

Pugsley is slightly over weight due to his love of food, much like his father Gomez and his Uncle Fester. He's not a true background character because he's part of the family and in most of the shots in the TV shows but since he has a less developed personality then the rest of the family, you don't notice him as much.

Pugsley Addams Costume
Pugsley can almost always be seen wearing a black and white stripped pull-over shirt and black short pants. Since the shirt has very thick horizontal stripes, it was a little hard to find a match for this type of shirt.

We were able to find a pretty close match in the Adeline Striped T-Shirt (White shirt w/ thick black stripes) available from

Short pants are available at most clothing and discount stores. Look for a pair of mens or boys, depending on the person that you have as your Pugsley, black cargo shorts. Add black socks and black shoes.

Pugsley Addams Makeup
No makeup necessary. He looks like a kid with a short bur hair cut.

Pugsley Addams Accessories
Pugsley has a pet octopus named
Aristotle. A fake rubber octopus is a great prop to carry with you while trick or treating. If you have a Wednesday in your group, remember that she is constantly tormenting a gleeful Pugsley. This brother and sister have quite the strange relationship! Pugsley's masochist to Wednesday's sadist, she does all kinds of deadly experiments on him yet he somehow seems to make it through them in one piece.


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